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Vienna City Sound Challenge winner Fabricio Pereira releases live version of "Venus"

JAM master student Fabricio Pereira wins this year's Vienna City Sound Challenge and releases a live recording of the song "Venus". JAM MUSIC LAB is happy to support outstanding musicians from the university within this competition.

With his formation "Fosmea" Fabricio Pereira has already played numerous concerts in different parts of the world as well as recorded 2 albums. The Brazilian bassist, composer and singer creates with his music a dreamy atmosphere, which he himself calls "archetypal natural templates from the universal mind".

Georg Vogel - Piano
Matheus Jardim - Drums
Tomáš Novák - Violin
Vincent Pongracz- Clarinet
Melissa Danas - French Horn
Fabricio Pereira - Bass, Vocals, Composition and arrangement

Authored on June 13th, 2023