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David Dornig

Artistic Major(s): Guitar


  • Electric guitar studies at the Vienna Music Institute (with distinction)
  • Instrumental and vocal pedagogy studies (IGP) at the Vienna Music Institute (with distinction)
  • Composition educational studies at the Vienna Music Institute (with distinction)
  • Composition and Music Theory master studies at JAM Music LAB


  • Numerous workshops and symposia

Work Experience

  • Lectures on composition, alternative tuning systems and rhythm at the Mozarteum Salzburg and at various international symposia (Zagreb, Amsterdam)
  • Lessons in electric guitar at the music school Tanja Schild

Concerts & Performances

  • Concerts and recordings as composer, conductor, guitarist and singer, e.g. festivals: a.o. Moers Festival, Jazzfestival Saalfelden, BEZAU BEATZ, Kultursommer Wien, Sansusi-Festival, Donauinselfest, Jazzit Novo Mesto, ZOOM!Festival, miCROfest Zagreb, Another-Festival, Jazzwerkstatt Vienna/Graz Festival etc.
  • Collaboration with or direction of various formations, including Dsilton, Hexatonal, Max Brand Ensemble,   Janus Ensemble, Black Page Orchestra, Michael Mantler, Paul Gulda, Rex Richardson, Georg Vogel, Jazzwerkstatt Wien, Christoph Czech and many more.

Prizes, Awards & Research

  • Development and construction of 31-tone instruments
  • Research e.g. on alternative tuning systems and n-tol rhythms
  • Winner of various music and composition competitions (e.g. JAZZON 2011)