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Flip Philipp

Artistic Major(s): Mallets


  • Music University Graz: Classical Percussion
  • Berklee Summer College of Music (Perugia, Italy): Barred Percussion and "Improvisation Clinics" 

Work Experience

  • JAM MUSIC LAB since 2014
  • Working as an educator with institutions such as the the Bunri University in Tokushima, Japan, which offers master classes lead by internationally renowned soloists in cooperation with the Music University of Vienna

Concerts & Performances

  • 1990: Flip Philipp (born Philipp Pesendorfer) was hired as a soloist drummer for the Wiener Symphoniker and has also been member of the Vienna Art Orchestra since 2008
  • Besides playing in orchestras, has played with artists such as Natalie Cole, Joe Zawinul, the Ensemble "Die Reihe", José Carreras, Luciano Pavarotti, Diane Warwick, the Super World Orchestra as well as with Sinshi Tanimura, Diana Ross and Placido Domingo