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Joe Valentin

Univ.-Prof. for Guitar (Faculty of Music)
Artistic Major(s): Guitar

Founded the JAM MUSIC LAB – Conservatory for Jazz and Popular Music in 2011 together with Andreas Bartosch and Marcus Ratka. Managing Director of the JAM MUSIC LAB Ltd.  


  • Conservatory of the city Vienna, Prayner Conservatory Vienna: Jazz Guitar (Diploma with distinction 1989)
  • Studies with Karl Ratzer

Work Experience 

  • Guitarist, composer and arranger for various live-programs and CD productions with Alegre Corrêa, Reinhard Micko, Alexander Lackner, Oliver Gattringer, Michael Langer, Pedro Tagliani, Guinha Ramires, Geri Schuller, Bertl Mayer, Thomas Kugi, Martin Fuss, Paul Urbanek, Peter Valentin, Vienna Scientists and many more
  • Studio guitarist for recording of soundtracks for "Die Verzauberung" (Direction - Wolfram Paulus) with Oscar-Award Winner Christoph Waltz - 2007; "Augenleuchten" (Direction - Wolfram Paulus) - 2004; "Zwei Affären und noch mehr Kinder" (Direction - Wolfram Paulus) - 2002; "Rennlauf" (Direction - Wolfram Paulus) - 1997 Studio-Guitarist for the Dance Theatre "but kind old sun will know..." (Editta Braun) - 1992
  • Composer and sound designer for the ORF show "Quizexpress" - 2004
  • Austrian representative in the international cast "EBU - Jazz Orchestra" of the European Broadcasting Union (EBU) in Amsterdam; Radio-Live-Broadcast in all EBU-Partner Countries - 2001

CD Publications (Discography)

  • Joe Valentin - "Life & Soul"
  • Joe Valentin - "Some Kind Of"
  • Alegre Corrêa & Guinha Ramires "Handmade"
  • The Menheads - "La Politique"
  • Vienna Scientists III
  • Peter Valentin - "But Kind Old Sun Will Know"

Teaching & Research

  • JAM MUSIC LAB Private University for Jazz and Popular Music Vienna, vice-director since 2011
  • 1999-2011: Lecturer at the Gustav Mahler Conservatory in Vienna: Jazz guitar, Ensemble
  • 2004-2007: Lecturer for guitar and Jazz theory at the international summer seminar "Popular Guitar" - Aflenz/Styria (with Harri Stojka, Thomas Fellow, Michael Langer and various others) 
  • 1992-1998: Lecturer for jazz guitar at the Vienna Conservatory
  • 1990-1997: Lecturer for jazz guitar at the Prayner Conservatory in Vienna
  • 1990-1991: Teacher for guitar at the BG/BRG Pichelmayergasse in Vienna