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JAM Head of Department "Voice" Annett Thoms in Vox Humana journal

JAM head of department for voice in music education, Annett Thoms, explains her "One Voice Technique" in the journal for voice pedagogy.

The functional voice training method for non-classical singing was developed by Annett Thoms in 2000. The medical study SiACo (SingAgainstCortisone) starting in 2020 has proven that through vocal training with the method of OVT in group lessons after only 8 training sessions the sound pressure level (SPL - SoundPressureLevel), i.e. the volume of the voice could be almost doubled. 

OVT allows singers to sing from the lowest to the highest note without any change in the quality of the sound. Thus, the typical "break" (change in quality between two successive notes) is missing. Therefore, the singing voice is not divided into several singing registers or "voices" (e.g. chest voice, head voice, middle voice, mixed voice), as is usually the case, but is, from the lowest to the highest note, ONE voice. One of the positive side effects of the OVT method is improved intonation. It makes it easier for singers to access their sound memory (source:

The whole article can be found here.

Authored on September 13th, 2022