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Master of Arts in Music

Jazz Drums, Pop Drums, Percussion
Styles: Jazz, Pop, Rock, Hip Hop, Latin Music, Big Band

Achieve Excellence: The Master of Arts in Music degree with Drums as the main subject offers you the possibility –  on the basis of the qualifications acquired as part of the bachelor’s degree – to further develop and specialise your skills as a musician and artist in general.

At the centre of your studies is a research-oriented artistic project, which you get to choose yourself. With the help and collaboration of your lecturers in the relevant artistic practices – and even in musicology and artistic research if needed – your chosen undertaking is realised. 

  • Study Program: Master’s Degree
  • Duration: 4 Semesters
  • Workload: 120 ECTS
  • Degree - Academic title: Master of Arts in Music (MA-M)
  • Prerequisite for admission: Passed entrance examination

If you mess around with jazz, you better have a good drummer and a good bass player. 

Gunther Schuller